Enviro Plus Car and Tall Van Wash offers three very well maintained self serve wash bays.

Our clean and state of the art bays are supported by an incredible hot water system. You’ll experience all the best features of a self serve car wash, with the benefit of environmentally friendly products and no card fees for those paying via card.

No Card Fees for our Self Service Bays

We do not charge card fees at our self serve car wash bays. Most car, van and small truck washes throughout Melbourne charge card fees in their bays. We do not. You won’t get stung for an extra amount with us just because you wanted to pay by card and not cash.

Accept Most Credit Cards

We accept most credit cards, including Visa, AMEX / American Express and Mastercard. We also accept notes and coins.

Environmentally Friendly and Water Wise

Being environmentally friendly and water wise is important to us. We use the latest in water recycling technology, complemented by rainwater storage of 60 000 litres. All of the waste water at our facilities goes to the sewer, not to storm water. All of the chemicals that we use are the most environmentally friendly known to us.

Automatic Car Mat Washing and Drying

We understand the love of the DIY car wash approach in a bay. Though have you tried the amazing RHINO-MAT, which automatically washes and dries both carpet and rubber car mats?

Direct from the US, this is a high quality mat cleaning system. The RHINO-MAT easily removes ground-in dirt, sand, pet hair, oil and most stains.

Complement that car wash with clean mats to suit, with the RHINO-MAT, available at Enviro Plus Tecoma.

Not Fond of DIY Car Washes?

If you’re not interested in our self service bays, try our brilliant auto wash.

Our fully automatic car wash is great for vehicles up to 2.7 metres (2700mm) in height. Whether you’re driving a compact hatchback or a large van, Enviro Plus will get your car clean without damaging the paint or roof.

Click here to find out more about our fantastic auto wash.

Whether you’re looking to wash your own car or treat yourself with a brilliant fully automatic car wash, come visit us at 1524 Burwood Hwy, Tecoma VIC 3160.