Enviro Plus have a range of products and services on offer to assist you in the cleaning process of your vehicle.

We don’t charge credit card fees to use our Auto, Vac’s and Self Serve Bays.



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We are excited to introduce a new automatic car wash with the latest in touch free technology.

Expected in 2021.


Velocity Vehicle Care is the only company in Australia with access to the most regonised and respected brands in the carwash business; Armor All Professional®, Rain-X® and Blue Coral ®

Regular washing is essential to a long lasting, like-new shine. Everything from dirt and road grime to other environmental pollutants are constantly attacking your car’s finish. From the factory to the final rinse, Blue Coral® products are designed to minimize the impact on our environment supporting EnviroPlus’s commitment to respect the environment every step of the way. Let the soft touch brushes gently polish in Armor All Professional® and Rain-X® and it will produce the ultimate defence against environment and an unparalleled deeper shine and smoother finish.

Rain-X provides total body protection from the environment. The patented formulation of silicones and polymers delivers unparalleled protection from rain, snow, dirt, salt, bugs, pollen, and bird droppings. Rain-x bonds & cures to the car to provide 30 days of complete surface protection. Plus, Rain-X beads and repels water to provide better visibility and safer driving – something you’re sure to notice.

Rain-X protected Enviro Plus car tall van wash
AmorAll Professional Shine Wax Enviro Plus car tall van wash