Enviro Plus Car and Tall Van Wash provides the best of cleaning for vehicles up to 2.7 meters max height in the Tecoma area and throughout Melbourne Victoria. Whether you’re getting muddy in the hills or need to clean off the work van from the CBD, we can help. Our fully automatic and self serve bays provide an ultra soft and duco friendly clean. We use the most environmentally friendly products known to us with strong water wise practices.

Fully Automatic Cleaning for Large Domestic and Commercial Vehicles up to 2.7 Meters

One of the things that makes Enviro Plus so special is that we can clean vehicles up to a maximum height of 2.7 meters (2700mm). The maximum width for our fully automatic car wash is 2.7 meters and the maximum length is 6.2 meters.

We provide a roof safe option with the top roller disabled. This helps protect tall vans, cars and four wheel drives, especially those with rooftop accessories like roof racks and solar panels.

Enviro Plus Car and Tall Van Wash MNEX 28

Three Regularly Maintained Self Service Bays

Our facility includes three self service bays that are very well maintained. No card fees are charged for
the use of our self service bays.

No Card Fees for Automatic / Self Service and Vacuums

We do not charge any card fees to use our fully automatic car wash, our self service bays or our


RHINO-MAT is an all in one auto mat wash & dry system, direct from the U.S and now here at Enviro Plus. A comprehensive and convenient cleaning mat machine, Rhino-Mat automatically washes and virtually dries carpet and rubber mats removing ground-in dirt, oil, sand, pet hair and most stains.

Need Fuel? BP Tecoma is right next door!

Need to fuel up after your clean? No worries, we’re right next to the Tecoma BP at 1524 Burwood Hwy, Tecoma VIC 3160. They supply petrol, gas and diesel (normal and high flow).